Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Change A Gonna Come

This could be the most important breakthrough in electrical history on a functional day to day basis.

A Standford University researcher has created a silicon nano-wire Lithium battery that has ten times the storage capacity of previous batteries. It's a well understood combination of two separate technologies and could be commercially viable in a very few years.

If this technology is not stopped, we could see a severe depression in the price of oil as the 80% efficient electric vehicle replaces the 18% efficient gas powered vehicle. Screw you, Exxon-Mobile.

If this technology is not stopped, we could see those motor vehicle manufacturers who have dragged their feet and opposed efficient vehicles lose out big to the ones who have aggressively pursued the technology. Screw you, General Motors.

If this technology is not stopped, We could see the end of the offensively loud internal combustion engine which insecure males use to augment their manhood in the form of two wheeled machines with noise generating non-mufflers that scream, "I am a moron" and impose this information on everyone within a half mile. Screw you, Harley Davidson, and the leather clad wannabees that have stuffed you into their codpiece.

Now be quiet.




  1. This just in: huge gang of Harley riders descending on Stanford University, enraged to find it closed for the holidays...

  2. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Heh, just like the Hog Heads. rode all that way in the freezing cold for nothing. :P

    Good rant. Fully endorsed.