Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sediment Problems at Whites Creek

We had just over one inch of rain last night here at our end of the creek. This is what the water quality looked like at 10:50 am today.Not a sign of a sediment problem.

6 and a half hours later the water from Piney Creek reached us. This is what it looks like as of a few minutes ago...
I don't begrudge what you do on your land as long as you realize you are part of the larger system and act accordingly. I don't mind you mining rock from your land, but you have no right to send your mud downstream on everybody else. Not only that, it is against the law.

Friday, May 15, 2015

New Native Orchid For Me

 Until these beauties bloomed I had assumed they were showy orchids. Surprise! They are Lilyleaf Twayblades... Liparis Liliifolia.

The leaves on this one are a little smaller than my hand.  They are located on the north slope of Whites Creek Gorge in Rhea County.  The pictures are from this morning.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Protecting Private Lands is of Global Significance

This would be YOU, Whites Creek Property owners!

...when biodiversity of endemic species (those found only within the continental United States) was looked at alone, the Southeast scored highest in all six groups, making it the most important focal region for native biodiversity. “It appears that private land protection efforts, similar to public protected areas, are not prioritizing the most endemic-rich areas of the country, or at least are having less success in those areas,” the authors said. 
The full article

A second Recommended Priority Area including the Tennessee, Alabama, and northern Georgia watersheds, is primarily comprised of private lands but is globally significant for aquatic species. In these watersheds, SELC focuses on stopping unpermitted pollutant discharges into rivers, preventing hazardous mineral extraction (like coal mining and fracking), protecting healthy in-stream flows, and championing smart growth in a rapidly growing region, including protecting the limited existing national forest lands.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Earth Day Conservation Easement Survey in Roane County

Christie drove over from Nashville to survey this tract that includes a portion of Whites Creek and a lot of Piney Creek. The owner is interested in putting a conservation easement on it this year. This waterfall is a tributary to Ford Branch.
I think this is a large flowered trillium. Anybody want to jump in?
I have been unable to key this one out. It's gorgeous though. Anybody know what it is?