Friday, March 12, 2004

When Camels Roamed Virginia

Hey let's move on to some other interesting things. So before we wiped out the large Native American populations with germ warfare, they had a pretty good trade system going. We find Obsidian spear points and Mexican opals in North Georgia and other trade items widely distributed from their geological origins. Archeologists thought that a large grouping of jasper or flint found in Virginia was from such trade. Turns out is was a flint mine dating back quite a ways. Rarely do we get a snapshot of an ancient period preserved in such isolation and clarity.

Because it was used for a relatively short period of time and charcoal from campfires used by the ancient miners, scientists were able to pinpoint its age with some accuracy. Some of the charcoal was from spruce trees, indicating it dated back to the late Ice Age.

Samples were sent to a lab in Florida and it was established that the mine was in use 11,000 to 11,500 years ago by Paleo Indians, DeJarnete said.
“This was a very different world, one when Mammoths, Mastadons, camels and bison were here in Virginia,” noted Dr. Albert Goodyear.

I realize that the article will contradict some creationist timing but I say look at the information and let the facts fall where they may. I was looking up a carnivorous plant I found and ran accross this very clear staement by the Botanical Society of America on Evolution. I had never thought of the KJB biblical account of the Ark in terms of population distributions before. See what you think:

So here's the flesh eating plant I was looking up. These little flora are widely distributed in most of the states in the US but not everywhere in those states. I remember them first from the dried up boggy areas of open sandy pastures in Georgia. I have found a very few in upstate South Carolina. They are usually about the size of a quarter. Be very carefull when you are out looking for them lest they grab your leg and eat you alive!

The photography and diversity of carnivorous plants is amazing to me. Try this for more stunning pix.

Here's the funniest thing I found to share with you today. You have to go there to get the joke!

Ethan told me this one at the coffee shop yesterday:
Did you hear what Stevie Wonder said after receiving a new cheese grater for a present?

"My gosh, this is the most violent novel I've ever read!"

Remember to tolerate everything except intolerance!



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