Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Downstream Dems, "Get on the Train"

A message to Tennessee Democrats, "Get on the Love Train now, cause the good seats are going fast." Bob Tuke uses the "crazy" word.

"When he comes to Tennessee, we'll have every significant Democrat running at the event, unless they don't want to be there, and they are crazy if they don't want to be there," said Bob Tuke, a candidate for U.S. Senate and former Tennessee Democratic Party chairman.

Mr. Tuke, running against Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander, said his typical campaign events can draw a few hundred people. "And there's no question if Barack Obama comes, you move an expectation of a crowd from several hundred to in the thousands," he said.

He said when Mr. Obama campaigned for then-Rep. Harold E. Ford Jr. in 2006 in the latter's Senate bid, he drew 3,000 to the Nashville Courthouse.
"He brings an aura and an excitement to any event that we haven't seen in a long time," Mr. Tuke said.

The real surge is the Obama Surge.

It is almost pitifully funny, the wingnut talking points (read: BS)that get tossed around when discussing Obama and his chances. Poor Fred Hobbs crass statements are the least of them. It doesn't take too much factual knowlege to shoot down any of them and Obama has put up a "Fight the Smears" web site that neatly dismisses the slander. But there one thing that always sits in the room when folks discuss Obama, and that is Race. I always hear some version of, "People just won't vote for a Black Man."

The fact that Obama overwhelmingly won a number of "white" primary states doesn't seem to dent that fallacy in some folks heads so I speak to the part of their brains that still works somewhat. I have decided to use Obama's multi racial heritage to his advantage. If a person wonders about "voting for a black man" I just come back with, "Well...Why don't you just vote for the white half?"

Barack Hussein Obama is going to be the next President. Al Gore knows it, and (it's about time) he said so last night.

So, People get ready...There's a train coming. I want a window seat as close to the engine I can get.



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  1. Heh,

    It really was the massive Black turnout in Wyoming that gave Obama the state ya know.


    This is what I was afraid of. It's hard to figure that Right Wing voters are still as stupid as they were in 2000 and '04, but they clearly are.

    "People just won't vote for a Black man". LOL
    Obviously the majority of Obama's primary votes came from whites. We outnumber black voters dramatically.

    The Right Wing had better stop worrying about how much they hate the Obama family and pay more attention to the fact that their candidate is a piece of shit.

    We will trample McSame and the McLames that support him into the dust this November.
    The Left will show no mercy. McSame, his wifey, his history of political spinelessness. No stone left unturned.
    The Center, who supported Hillary early on, is coming on board as we knew they would.
    There will be no Democratic group hugs this time. If they're a Democrat and refuse to vote for the nominee, fuck 'em. They're a tiny handful of Zell Miller type traitors and their votes will be nullified by newer, younger voters and, thanx to Big Al, a lot of Greens. ;)