Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Showing Off The Yard

Took a fine walk with a photog friend that covered over three miles of Whites Creek trails today. He hung with me as we jumped Ford Branch and hiked along the Creek to a spot above the confluence to Piney Creek. This place is way too big to see in a day or even a decade, but if my friends are willing to follow I'm willing to show them around. There's nothing like a long hike and good conversation.

Update: Mushy's photos from the day are posted at his site HERE.


  1. Again I thank you Steve...people really need to experience a good hike in a area this beautiful! It's right here in Roane County, Tennessee and no need to look any further from outdoor beauty. I have found nothing in the Smoky's that you can't find along Whitescreek!

  2. I always surprises me when I see something in my woods that I had previously missed.