Friday, August 11, 2017

What We are Trying to Save....

What they will  do to this beautiful resource if we don't work together to protect it...


  1. I Love Whites Creek. Clear, clean, beautiful, and has a diverse natural ecosystem. Seeing the fish dart around the rocks in the clear water is simply very satisfying. We are VERY lucky in that I haven't seen, nor do I believe any of the invasive aquatic plants are present. This most likely due to the fact that the current flow in the creek is "Into" Watts Bar, and they cannot find their way upstream, thank goodness. If the every did, the "Natural" aquatic plants found along the shoreline will be totally taken over and quickly replaced with the invasive plants. PLEASE, anyone using a canoe, kayak, fishing gear, electric motors, ANY gear at all, BE CERTAIN there are no fragments of aquatic plants on the gear or lines or boots, or "anything" before putting it in the creek--PLEASE. We need to, an MUST protect this beautiful natural aquatic ecosystem, especially the flora. Tim Joseph, Chairman -- Watts Bar Ecology and Fishery Council (WBEFC). Please visit our website about the invasive aquatic plants and the ecology of Watts Bar Lake:

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