Thursday, October 28, 2004

8:29 am, October 28, 2004: Mature bald eagle flies by my window and looks in at me. Perfect light against the mottled red and green in the car...dammit!

Odd to wake up to frogs this morning. We sealed up Lake Steve and the frogs are back, now that it holds water. I wonder if the snapping turtle will find it again?

Hiked the hillside yesterday evening with Thomas. At times it was surreal, with brown leaves falling like hail in a storm. The misty rain had loaded them up with enough weight to pull them loose from the limbs, and the evening wind that always blows down the gorge, wiggled them free. It was noisy, the way some snow storms are, but with more clatter. I was not very productive, blowing off the chores I had planned and just watched the trees go bare as I stood there.


I have a couple of girls for you today. If you wonder how in the world anyone could possibly vore for George Bush, Molly Ivans has the answer:

Clueless people love Bush
Studies show Bush supporters are misled on Bush policies and the news

Now for a pet topic of mine: Pro-Environment is Pro-Business. Bush keeps saying it will cost us jobs if we save the environment. Jenny Granholm, Pro-both Governor of Michigan, says that is a lot of Bull Santorum:

An interview with Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm

Michael Mathers has a video you might want to look at if you have high speed internet. I guess you old people need to be told that Micael goes by Eminem in his musical career. (Randy B, I know you know who he is)

These little snippets of insider info really tell us what kind of administration the Bushistas are running. And Gee, Cheney seemed like such a quiet guy while John Edwards was dismantling him in the debate...

The CTC concluded that Saddam Hussein had not materially supported Zarqawi before the U.S.-led invasion and that Zarqawi's infrastructure in Iraq before the war was confined to the northern no-fly zones of Kurdistan, beyond Baghdad's reach. Cheney reacted with fury, screaming at the briefer that CIA was trying to get John Kerry elected by contradicting the president's stance that Saddam had supported terrorism and therefore needed to be overthrown. The hapless briefer was shaken by the vice president's outburst, and the incident was reported back to [newly appointed CIA director Porter] Goss, who indicated that he was reluctant to confront the vice president's staff regarding it.

And for anyone who actually still thinks George Bush fulfilled his military duty honorably, there's this new document that shows that Bush got paid for never showing up. Actually, now that we've been through his presidency, we would have been better off if we had just paid him to not show up as President either!

The payroll records show Bush was credited for service in October and November 1972 and in January and April of 1973. An evaluation from Texas covering the period between May 1972 and May 1973 says Texas officers did not see Bush during that time.

Peace, Friends...It's almost over,


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