Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rock Art

We found these hieroglyphics in the rocks exposed by low water in Whites Creek. I've seen canvases for sale that weren't this interesting and I need to take my big camera back to the spot before the fall rains cover it back up for another year. Some of the shapes are, well, suggestive. 

What do you see?

I see...uh...things that guys usually see. Like iron deposits and hematite and stuff. That's what you were thinking too, right? 


  1. Not sure what I see but I never see things until someone points out what they see....

  2. It's like an ink blot test. You see what YOU see. I just like the whole hematite layer and was surprised to see it out in the creek like that. I've kayaked over it several times a year for 20 years and never knew it was there. makes me wonder what else is in the creek bed that I need to go take a look at.

  3. I see rectangles and circles--and would love to see the bigger picture when you take it! Very interesting--I'm wondering if it's related to the mound builders who were here before the Cherokees.

  4. A few years back I found a rock at Frozen Head that had lines and squares on it that these resemble. My conclusion was that the lines were deposits of iron within the sandstone.

    These look very similar to those I found, but it appears someone may have dug out the centers making their own pictures and designs.

    Look at this link: and let me know what you think of my theory.

    Still want to go back there sometime with you, but now I'm dealing with a mass on my kidney. One day soon.