Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The View From My Kitchen Table

As the political crazy season is upon us I have to resolve a conflict between my tree hugger self and my political self, although in reality one requires the other in this insane world we live in. Still, I thought I would give folks a choice as to whether they wanted to indulge in a political rant or just enjoy a part of the natural world that I am working to preserve and protect. With that in mind let me introduce:

  The View From My Kitchen Table ...Ta Daaa!

The URL is

It is so titled because I sit here in my office chair at the kitchen table as I think about stuff and post when I get ready to boil over. It's mostly snark, I know, but it seems to serve a purpose in drawing attention to things others seem to miss. My rants will mostly be posted at the Kitchen table and the eco warrior stuff will mostly stay at Whites Creek Journal. This is an experiment and I reserve the right to backslide whenever I want to. It's my table, donchano.

And we're off!


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  1. That is sort of what I do with my two blogs. ONe is strictly for my love of nature and the other for the love of hearing myself think.