Friday, January 21, 2005

Allison and Richie

Respite from the world's evil is at hand, if only for a little while.

Tonight, those of us who got tickets are headed to the newly gilt Tennessee Theater to see Alison Kraus and Union Station. Powered by a bit of nectar from Kevin's Silver Shaker, we intend to enjoy ourselves and take it all in. It occurs to me that I know of nothing useful that can be done with Triple Sec, except to dilute it to unrecognizable with lime juice and fermented agave juice, properly distilled and aged.

There is hope for those poor souls in East Tennessee who are among the unlucky. Woodstock hero, Richie Havens, is "communicating" as he calls it, right down the road in Athens, TN. One of our clan, here at WhitesCreek, is responsible for this and several other great evenings. Here's a shoutout to Ellen! Good work, girl!

Come to Athens and see Richie Havens, Friday, January 21, 2005, 7:30 PM at the Athens Junior High School Auditorium. For ticket information or directions, call (423) 745-8781 or go to

I wonder what the most often told lie is? Down here in the South it depends on where you are at the moment. "Doesn't he/she look good!" is the big lie told at the funeral parlor.

"Well for a dead person, sure," one is tempted to say, but instead we nod our heads and become accessories after the fact in falsehood.

No biggie!

For a while, the most repeated and scorned lie was, "I did not have sex with that women!" Nearly all of us, sane, insane, and points in between, have lied about sex, either the act or the attraction. That's why it is labeled a "Drive".

Drive you crazy on a regular basis, one way or another until you die.

"No, honey, I don't think ____ looks all that good, do you?" See! ...Makes us all liars.

Usually nobody dies and future consequences are localized in these cases, though since I hit puberty a couple of centuries ago, getting a shot in the butt at the student clinic won't take care of all of certain consequences anymore, and the importance of polymer barrier technology has risen to extreme heights. ( We have to say things like "polymer barrier technology" because we can't say "rubber" in a family blog like this in case the Neoconservative plants at the FCC have developed the ability to read...)


I think the biggest lies I hear from our leaders all fall into one category...The

"We, and all the acts we commit, are GOOD!

They, and all the acts they commit, are BAD!" Category.

To me, the most excruciating moment in F 9-11 was when an Iraqi man held the American artillery shell mutilated body of a baby in one hand and, shaking with anger, screamed at a reporter,

"Please tell me! What did this baby do to deserve this?"

With the outburst complete, the man tossed the baby in the back of a pickup truck filled with the tattered remains of several other children and women. This is what humans who stand in our way have become...Garbage, to be picked up off the streets and hauled away.

And then we get this:

Condoleeza Rice, in sworn testimony before the Senate:
RICE: Senator, the United States of America — American personnel are not engaged in terrorism against innocents.

So now we have confirmed someone who has sworn to a lie. It's OK to lie?

"Good job! You go girl!" our Senate leaders said this week. The absurdity of the situation is right out of the worst cold war era underground trage-comedy.

"They are BAD,

... Because they are still putting up a fight against the armed soldiers of the Nation that invaded them and killed tens of thousands of their innocents and wrecked their country under false pretenses."

"We are GOOD,

...Because..Because..Well, Dammit, I can't come up with anything that makes us, as a nation GOOD, right now."

Unless it is this:

This Nation has come under the control of evil several times in the past and eventually worked its way out of it, at least part way. I believe we will do it again. It is not going to be easy and it is going to hurt.

Some where Some how, we have to find the courage to confront this big lie, accept what it means and deal with it. Let's do our best, shall we?

James Norton eviscerates Ms. Rice's testimony, in an E-Mag I have just had brought to my attention.

Flak Magazine brought this one to my attention:

Rock and Roll will live forever! Well at least the idiotic staged photos of the Bands will. This gallery is way too close to home for me. I still have a few pix of my old band from so far back I can't believe we even had tubes.

Click on the small pix and off you go. No matter how strange you are, it is comforting to know there is someone stranger than you could ever have imagined.

Thanks to Charles Pugsly Fincher for carrying on the Daily Scribble, and James Norton at Flak for making him do it.

Daily Scribble

"Did you hear about this? The U.S. is sending a top secret reconnaissance team into Iran. How secret can it be if a dumb ass like me knows about it?" -- David Letterman



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