Thursday, March 24, 2005

6:38 a.m. thinking about life

Two immature eagles just declared Spring as they flew past my morning coffee. One of them looked to be wanting to get out to the lake and get breakfast...the other wanted to play.

You long time married folks might recognize this early morning metaphor.

We watched the mock combat until they were out of sight, dropping below the treeline as they lost altitude, choosing an aerial wrestling match intead of flight. Hey, a bird's gotta have a little fun now and again, you know? They always break it off before they hit the water, saving themselves at the last split second. A reverse Daedalus exchanging water for fire, a dance for life instead of death.

But then, I think, life includes death. Most people realize that this is not a circle but a one way path with a limited time to traverse.

Death is natural and not to be feared. Only those things which we leave undone are tragic...all else is wonderment!

Be safe, kids!


The play that is the Schiavo case is not a drama...It is a farce. It is the sad and volatile witches brew of broken hearted people manipulated into pawnship by the wicked.

The State of Florida appointed a very wise and honest man to be the guardian ad litem for Terri Schiavo. He spent a great deal of time with her and her family and gives us the true picture of this very sad situation. Here is a link to an online interview with Dr Jay Wolfson, Professor of Public Health and Medicine, University of South Florida and Legal Guardian of Terri Schiavo (2003).

It requires you to sign up but it doesn't cost and has given me access to much information. If you do nothing else, go to Dr. Wolfson's report to Jeb Bush and make up your own mind. Much of what is being said by the so called "forces for Life" is either intentionally distorted or an outright lie.

Dr. Jay Wolfson: ...."The best we can do is rely on good law, good science and good medicine - and do it honestly. the courts have done their jobs, and the rules of law and science have been applied as well as possible. there is no good or easy answer to this -- only the hope that the result will be in the best interests of Terri Schiavo. but there is no way to overcome the grief and dashed hopes of loving parents. but this is not about the parents, the family, the legislature, the governor, the congress or the president. it is only about terri."

Here is the report that Dr. Wolfson gave to Governor Jeb Bush.

Jeb Bush report

The art of sidewalk chalk mixed with perspective... There are several of these at the link. Imagine this as a performance art, done and then washed away with the next rainstorm. I like this one particularly for the rocks the folks are standing on. They aren't really there except as chalk on a sidewalk. Much like the Bush Presidency.

sidewalk art

If you don't read Fafblog, you don't know Giblets!


I am growing very fond of the Bush twins!!

The bodies may not be familiar, but the faces sure are. That's Jenna and Barbara Bush — or is it Barbara and Jenna? — supposedly sporting sexy lingerie in Maxim magazine.

OK, it's not really them from the neck down. They wish!

"But I honestly feel they should send Maxim a thank-you note," he wrote in an e-mail. "The mag made them look beautiful!"

"We haven't gotten any blow-back (yet)," Heindery said. "I think like any good American, they should take (the) joke in stride."



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  1. verr nice day of posts, sir. i speshly lack the fine ritin in the furst item bout them eagles. lack the art lanks too, but thatn bout them eagles is near poetry.