Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Ok, friends, I know you hate me. I accept that and in my heart, I know I deserve it. You hate me because as soon as there is enough light, I will make my grand entrance to this morning's world through the new snowfall and luxuriate in the first sting of my immersion into a well heated tub of water mounted upon the lower deck and overlooking White's Creek Gorge.

Hate me all you want...nyaah, nyaah, na, nyaah, nyaah!

OK, so this is how winter is supposed to be. Light snow and cold.

As a matter of fact...I don't even think I'm going to finish this right now. Back in a bit.

In the meantime, Bush is losing the Social Security debate.

Blogger Atrios says it best:

Most Americans do not want Mr. Bush to borrow $2 trillion to cut Social Security benefits and replace guaranteed benefits for seniors with guaranteed fees for stockbrokers. That's why, in a recent NPR poll, just 31 percent of Americans, only 31 percent, support Mr. Bush's privatization plan.
And yet rumors abound that Democrats, perhaps even former vice presidential candidate Joe Lieberman, will find a compromise that allows Mr. Bush to succeed in privatizing part of Social Security. Look, any Democrat who rescues Mr. Bush's assault on Social Security ought to be defeated in a primary and allowed to begin their own retirement early.





  1. i dont hate ye atall, but i half to add mitt to bein envious!

    tiz grate to see the ss deebate a'goin the rite way so far, huh?

  2. Holy Joe should be run out of town on a rail no matter what. His pro-torture vote earns him a one way ticket... uh... back to crawford texas?... wrong guy... out of elective office as a Democrat.

  3. Jeff D-D8:29 AM

    as a former CT resident, I had a lot of exposure. He is a man who completely has his heart in the right place but also is totally blind to the actions of Israel. The Israelis can do no wrong and that includes torture of other mid-east populations in the name of security. His vote on torture avoids the hypocracy of being anti-torture but supporting Israel - one of the primary users. Mostly, he is good man