Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Essential Personal Character

John McCain's infidelities are well documented and need little discussion here. The only reason I mention them is to point out that by including the sex angle in a story that should be about McCain's unending love affair with corporate lobbyists, the NY Times gave wingnuts a talking point that they could feign outrage at and thereby obscure McCain's real peccadillo:

John McCain is a Corporate Ho!

The real reason he white man raps about "Bomb, bomb, Iran" and staying in Iraq for "25, 50, or a 100 years" is that he is concubine to the Military Industrial Complex. Few have mentioned that the military budget for next year includes $700 Billion in Military spending...

The most money in real dollars since World War Two! (Damn good thing we're winning!)

McCain will bankrupt America in order to hold true to his real constituency...Halliburton... Kellog, Brown, and Root...Bechtel...General Electric...

So as Righties foam at the mouth and trash the NY Times about bringing sex into a Presidential campaign, let's forget about the fact that there was less evidence at this point in the first Clinton campaign than there is now about John McCain. Let's also forget about the fact that McCain left Paula, the wife who remained faithful to him for the five years he was incarcerated as a POW, and married one of his mistresses, Cindy, the rich one...the current Mrs. John McCain. Let's forget about how strained Cindy looks today on the campaign trail and quit wondering if Cindy McCain is stealing drugs again, and forget about John McCain's penchant for pinched blonde women many years younger than himself.

The real problem is that John McCain lacks the essential personal character to do what it will take to turn this country around.

John McCain will make a horrible President.

America cannot afford another Bush.



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