Monday, February 11, 2008

Trust me?

Funny about that...Republicans won't even count their OWN votes?

The Washington State Republican Party Boss, Luke Esser, stopped counting the primary votes with 13% left to be counted, and declared John McCain the winner. It would have stopped there except for Preacher Huckabee's lawyers making a big fuss.

OK, we'll count them...But it won't change anything, the Republican bosses seem to be saying:

Esser said this afternoon that the Republican Party was going to try to get as "close as we can to 100 percent" in the vote count, and may have more numbers by later today. But Esser doesn't believe counting more votes will change the outcome.

What's the matter, Preacher Huckabee? Don't you trust Republicans?

Huckabee told the people of the great state of Arkansas there was nothing to worry about when he destroyed the computers from his State Governor's office. "Nothing on them to worry about," he said, "Trust me!"

Huckabee had his office computer hard drives smashed with sledge hammers, in a blatant destruction of state property, while at the same time, he was moving some really nifty stuff out of the Governor's mansion to his private dwelling. They made him give it back but nothing was done about the destruction of the computers which were state property.

I have consistently held the opinion that accurately counting our votes is the most important step we could take in eliminating the radical elemett that has taken over the GOP. Failure to do so until it was too late, put George W. Bush in office in 2000 and kept him there in 2004.

It is a manifest travesty that a single voting machine exists anywhere in America with no way to test the accuracy of it's vote tally. No vote should ever be taken in this country without a hard copy backup. I make a 99 cent purchase at McDonalds and get a paper record of the transaction. I vote for the President of the United States of America... and I DON'T?

"Trust me," say the authorities? I don't trust anyone who doesn't think they can be caught.

Apparently Preacher Huckabee doesn't trust Republicans either...he should know.



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