Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thanks, Hill..We Love Ya

The Republicans appear to have decided that Barak Obama will be the Democratic nominee and have re targeted to him. I'm not sure it's working. In his victory speech after yesterday's republican primary atfer he trounced Preacher Huckabee, McCain tried to make fun of Obama's tag line, "I'm fired up and ready to go!"

McCain ended his speech with, "I'm tired out and ready to bed." I'm not sure that's a winner, John.

John McCain was wounded, imprisoned and tortured in the service of America but American troops don't think John McCain ought to be President.

American Troops have given more money to the Presidential campaign of Barak Obama than John McCain.

Exit polls at Presidential primary voting locations near military bases show that more than half of Republican Military personnel voted against McCain.

Fort Benning Army Base is located in Muscogee County in Georgia. Muscogee voting returns :

John McCain, 4985 votes Barack Obama, 16947 votes

The troops hate this war and what it is doing to them. Obama was against it from the start and promises to get us out... McCain makes jokes about staying there 100 years.

Turning now to ourcontinuing American tragedy... The dismemberment of the Constitution of the United States of America...I'm pissed at everyone in the Senate who voted for the retroactive immunity for my telephone company. Verizon broke the law and illegally spied on your my calls for President Bush. Bush had publicly stated that the events of 9-11 had made it necessary, only...the illegal spying started ...

BEFORE 9-11.

In the vote yesterday, Senator Hillary Clinton never showed up even though she was in Washington, D.C. (She still getting a pay check?)

Senator Obama voted against passage, but once the motion for cloture passed, he left. At that point his vote didn't matter. The Telcoms were going to be retroactively forgiven their tresspasses against you and your Constitution.

John McCain voted for retroactive immunity and in support of law breaking by the Bush Administration. The Bill now goes to the House.

Thousands of lawsuits that sought to protect your right to make your phone calls in private are now gone.




  1. Not that it will do much good, but now is the time to ride your congresspeople like brand new Harley.

    Tell them they can do what they want, just make damn sure there's either no immunity, or no renewal during the remainder of Bush's term.

  2. Oh,

    On the Sgt. Evan Vela thing, he surely should be punished for what he did, but what he did is nowhere near as vicious as the actions of the average Blackwater cowards who routinely get clean away with their crimes.

    Our soldiers going to prison for lesser crimes than some mercenary shitbird gets away with is totally unacceptable.

    Our troops should turn their guns on Blackwater while they still have the chance.