Wednesday, June 22, 2011

He's Ba'ack!

OK, I confess. Been to the beach.

We were staying at a 1939 era Inn with no phone, no TV, no Internet, and no air conditioning. It was 101 degrees Monday and I developed a relationship with an electric window fan. We were the new kids since most of the other guests have been coming on the same week for decades. They book the next year as they are checking out. The other guests included an investment broker, a successful artist, a graphic designer, the family of an Oscar winning (Best) actor (He couldn't come this year because he is on location, and no, I'm not giving up his name...Famous actors deserve their vacations, too...particularly their families.), and some other incredibly interesting and totally delightful people. One couple have been coming to the inn for over 40 years. One couple told us they had "only" been coming there for 14 years..."Only"?

"Bucky was raised here", his dad said. "He was 4 when we first came here." Bucky is now 39. "We got kicked out of the other inn we were staying at because of a mysterious fire that was blamed on the fireworks that some of the kids were enjoying." The Seaview took Bucky and his Dad in and that other inn got taken out by Hurricane Hugo in an act of divine retribution for the owner's dislike of children after they turned three.

Wait...No air conditioning?

It was wonderful. We sat on the various decks and porches, depending on the prevailing breeze at the time, and talked with each other. I swear! Talked with each other!
The sunset ceremony on the Marsh side was rather pleasant.

As we were leaving there were no goodbyes. It was all, "See you next year!"

Could happen.




  1. Excellent photography man!

  2. Give it up - where is this wonderful place?