Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wild Flower Art Installation

I used an old tire I cleaned out of the creek to hold up a target board when I sighted in a 22 rifle last March. I still haven't hauled the tires to the dump. Since the dump charges for tires they don't get taken there and instead wind up thrown off bridges by the truckloads and get washed downstream to us. I'm thinking Mom Nature decided to show me how tires can be used as an art installation when she grew a Carolina Wild Petunia right in the middle of the bull's eye. I know it is a ruellia but I have no idea which one. While I had the camera out I thought you might like to compare monardas, the tame bee balm and the wild bergamont.

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  1. Beautiful specimens. I have no interest in domesticated flowers other than I appreciate them as splashes of color around houses, but I spend a lot of time searching for and being mesmerized by prairie wildflowers. This is our driest year on record and on the way to being the hottest, and plant numbers are significantly reduced, but the ones I am finding seem especially nice.