Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Yep...Sun came up just like I thought it might. There's news in the world and I thought you might want to hear it. I think one of the things about American life that constantly surprises me is how deeply ignorant most people are, and of course, it is my mission to fight this ignorance. At the same time I am fighting for this just and honorable cause, I tell myself to accept the fact that while ignorance is curable,

stupidity is not.

Let's see...Hey, did you folks know there's a war going on? It's in a country called Iraq, and since the elections, civilians are being killed faster than ever before. The U.S. military finally owned up to killing just over 600 innocent Iraqi citizens when they leveled Fallujah, by the way. Remember any of the promises and assurances that "every possible step will be taken to insure that no civilians are harmed"?

American troops are dying faster than ever. Here's a test: How many American troops were killed last week? How many total in this war? When will this war end? Why did we attack Iraq?

See!...You're ignorant, too!

OK, from our Religion Editor: A spinster man has been elected to head his country by secret ballot of all the other spinster men in the country who get to wear red. What color you get to wear is a big deal over there because As a prize for winning, the man became the only man in his country allowed to wear white.

I'm not sure how the process works but observers seemed to be overly concerned with what was coming out of a pipe, I think it had to do with what they were smoking.

The title of Pope was conveyed to one Joe Ratzinger, whereby he changed his name to Benedict...I think this might be because if he kept his old name, Americans might remember how he interfered in our Presidential elections by proclaiming that John Kerry could not have a conscience of his own, and therefore would be denied Holy Communion. Joe Ratz, his street name in the hood, was the head of an organization that had also changed its name for P.R. reasons...The previous name of "Holy Inquisition" having left a bad taste in people's mouth for a couple of hundred years. All hail the Marketing Department.

To top it off, This was announced to the world in a dead language.

"No more Mr. Nice guy" John Bolton has gone on record supporting the blowing up of the United Nations. Just so they could work this little conflict out, President Bush nominated Mr. Bolton to represent you and me in the very building he thought it would be a good idea to fly an airplane into. Turns out he also in an abusive man to his subordinates and falsified or withheld information from his boss at the time, Colin Powell, who proceeded to testify to things Mr. Bolton knew were false in this same building. Interesting things keep popping up about olb Johnny B. This has caused a couple of Republican Senators to join Senator John Kerry in saying, "Hey???...Wait just a minute here." Mr. Bolton's nomination has been delayed.

And speaking of Delayed, poor Tom DeLay is being persecuted by the unrighteous. God will protect him from these satanic forces so it will all be ok. Here are some quotes from Mr. DeLay, just so you can see how righteous he is...

"We are ideologues. We have an agenda. We have a philosophy. I want to repeal the Clean Air Act,"

(I love that one...Did you know that an Air Pollution Alert was issued for the Smoky Mountain National Park, this week? Geroge Bush will stand on a Mountain in the Smokies for meaningless photo-op to celebrate Earth Day this Saturday...That lump under his coat will be an oxygen supply.)

Then there's this one from Toxic Tom's email:

"This whole thing about not kicking someone when they are down is BS. Not only do you kick him -- you kick him until he passes out, then beat him over the head with a baseball bat, then roll him up in an old rug and throw him off a cliff into the pound(ing) surf below!!!!!"

And lastly, This week is the 10th anniversary of the greatest and most destructive act of violence by a domestic terrorist group. The Oklahoma City bombing was a horrible act that killed hundreds, including a number of preschool children. This vile act was in retaliation to mark the 2nd anniversary of the Waco tragedy in which the Bureau of Alchohol Tobacco and Firearms mounted a military style attack on the Branch Davidians, ultimately resulting in the deaths of most of them. In the initial attack, it turned out that the Davidians were better shots than the AT eFfers. Looking out the windows and seeing people wearing all black uniforms and black hoods over their faces and firing automatic rifles, the Davidians seemed to think they were somehow justified in firing back. No one had told them these people were from the government and were there to help!

So we got a couple of hundred people, ok over four hundred and lots of them women and children, dead as a result of right wing nut jobs and terror groups, so who does the Department of Homeland Security announce this week as terror groups they are after? The Earth Liberation front, ELF, and the Animal Liberation Front, Alf, neither of which has ever harmed a human.

Not one single right wing group made the list.

Feel safer now?

Like I said, you can only cure ignorance, stupidity appears to be terminal!



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