Sunday, April 17, 2005

Sunday morning coming down.

Can't wait for the rest of the family to wake up so I can play the Tony Emmanuel cd's I bought last night at the Tennessee Theater. Gonna play 'em loud. If all he had done was play the his first two songs over and over, it would have been enough for me. Actually I was pretty amazed that anyone on this planet could play those two pieces in the first place. Chet Atkins called him the "Best Finger Picker in the World" and if there's anybody better, I don't need to know.

So I'm a little groggy from the late night and I have a few items I'll share for now. If I get a round Tuit, I'll sermonize later. I do have a couple of things on my mind, but they can wait. I'll start here.

Quote of the day:

"If you cannot stomach a breach of decorum when justified outrage erupts then your support is nearly worthless anyway."

"At least do not allow yourselves to become complicit in discrimination by demanding obedience from its victims."

Eric Berndt

That jewel is from the student who had the courage to ask orgy advocate, Antonin Scalia, if he had ever sodomized his wife. Scalia, of course, has written opinions stating that laws against sodomy and homosexual acts are constitutional. Scalia refused to answer the question, thereby branding himself a cursed sodomite.

The rest:


A friend and I were driving together and he asked me how Howard Dean was doing, as if I would actually know. Dean has a good plan if he can just deal with the old line fake Democrats whose corruption sold us out in the first place. He asked me what I meant and I tried to explain it. Later, I picked up this little jewel that shows in graphic white light, what Dean's problem is:

Bart Gordon and Lincoln Davis...Looking out for the little guy! Bart and Lincoln voted for the Republican bancruptcy bill. This bill would eliminate the "start over" ability of workers who endure financial problems due to job loss of catastrophic illness, while a the same time, preserve the ability of the wealthy to shield millions of dollars from the bancruptcy courts.

Thanks, guys...With Dems like you two, who needs Republicans?

Adam Felber has a little piece that made me laugh:


Then I saw this one.

"Personally, I'm getting a little tired of all this making fun of conservatives. When you think about it, they deserve a lot of respect."

I read what he said and frankly, I have to say he made a lot of sense.


See! It is really tough to be a Conservative wingnut. Even Zach Wamp and Jimmy Duncan are having trouble toeing the line. Zach only voted with Tom Delay 94% of the time. Duncan managed a paltry 87% but he did vote to make ethics violations disappear if they were charged against Republicans and he did give old Tom $5000.00 for his defense fund.

Congressman Duncan said, "Even a low life piece of back shootin' scum, like Tom Delay, deserves the best defense from his heinous, hypocritical, crimes agains Nature and the American way! Good Republicans cannot just stand aside and let justice prevail when it is one of their own kind involved"

At least I'm pretty sure that's what he meant to say, anyway:


One point keeps coming back, time and again about who runs the Country best...Hands down, it is the Democrats. Numbers just don't lie.

Hey Dick, make sure you print this one out for Gerald:


Peace...or some reasonable facsimile at least,


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