Sunday, January 08, 2006

Can we Disagree for the Common Good?

It's over...there were thousands more signatures turned in than are needed to force our local jail bond issue to a referendum. This has been a fun experience and I've met or spent time with a number of people who I knew, but now know better.

Roane County is better for the activism of its citizens. This is a small community in some ways, even though there are 52,000 people here. They need to talk to each other more often. Not only that, but...

We have to learn how to disagree with each other.

As it is, we seem to be running as fast as we can to one side of an issue or the other, ripping each other's reputation to shreds in the process, when instead, we should be sitting down and, as a great philosopher once said...

"Reason together."

It's OK to argue! Let's just don't stay mad about it.

We will never totally agree and this is a good thing. It keeps us from holding hands and cheerfuly marching over a cliff together. Some one has to think about it and say, "Hey guys! Are we sure this is such a good idea?"

Then we have to listen and think.

The problem is that in today's political world, it has become fashinable to attack that someone on a personal level rather than giving pause and thinking about what they are saying. This world is too small to survive if this is how we will deal with each other from now on. On the local level that same sentiment applies. this small piece of Tennessee needs the activism of its people. In order for activism to work, we have to let each issue play out to its conclusion shake hands and say, "Good game!" and turn to the next problem. This is where we find ourselves now.

There will be no new jail at Roane County Community college. The number of signatures guarantees that the referendum will fail. A narrow majority of Commissioners voted in favor in the first place and the people have over ruled those eight. This being America, the losing faction on the commission will not be ordered to commit Hari Kari. They will take their seats at the next meeting and continue with their mission to govern this county as the people require. They are not evil. There were simply wrong. And we still have problems we need their help to solve. We have to choose an alternate solution to the jail problem, for instance.

Personally, I think the jail should be looked at right after we deal with the $20,000,000.00 or more needed to give our students the opportunity for a first class education in Roane County.

I want each commisioner to know that we can disagree and still work together.

Now, I have heard from a Commissioner and a Bail Bondsman who disagree with things posted on this blog. I offered both of them the opportunity to publish a comment. Nothing special about them, though, I offer everyone an opportunity to comment. The Commissioner has declined up to this point and we'll see about the Bondsman. We need their information in order to make a good decision. We'll see if they share with us.

If they present facts, I'll move their comments to the front page. If it's opinion, it can stay in the comments for all to read. And guess what? The Commissioner and the Bondsman are just like all of you. You can comment at any time you wish.

It's a free blog. have at it.



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