Friday, January 06, 2006

Two O'clock on Friday

I sat at the petition table outside a local grocery store while the retired gentleman that had been collecting petition signatures went to take a little break. Very interesting...

Several folks hustled past in the cold and several people smiled and said they'd already signed. Several folks stopped, chatted, and filled out the form. Why are "They" trying to do this?" was the most common question followed by, "It doesn't make sense." One man in his Fireman uniform parked his firetruck in the parking lot and came over after he had picked up something for the firestation. He gave a short oratory on who was behind the whole thing, signed, and left. "It's those _______ people" he said. "It's all about money."

We now have more than the required number of signatures but some will be thrown out so we need to get plenty of extras. The core group of organizers want to get enough to shake the commissioners into realizing they had better back up and come up with another plan. From here on, every signature is one more message to the Commission. Hopefully, they will have sense enough to rescind their previous vote and come up with something that makes more sense.

As it is, I am having fun talking with people. Nothing like a popular cause to unify folks.

Gotta run, now...Mr. Collins needs a little break. Wave if you drive by!



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