Friday, January 20, 2006

Love Comes Tumbling Down

I don't think I could have gotten through college without the money I made playing in a rock band in the 60's. We were rather bad, thankfully, and most of us turned to real jobs at the first opportunity, rather than staying on the National Guard Armory circuit in small town South Georgia. All southern wannabe bands covered soul groups as best we could until Hendrix came along and screwed everything up for those of us who actually could not play the instruments we were dancing around with on stage. But kids came and danced and sang along anyway.

Another way to look at this is to realize that Wilson Pickett put me through school. had it not been for "Midnight Hour" and "Mustang Sally" we would have had to play a lot more Temptations or some other group for which our voices were totally unsuited.

"In the Midnight Hour" is an anthem for the early soul years and horn harmony. Wilson wrote it. One time we were booked at the Laurens County Fairgrounds playing for a politicians barbecue. I don't know why we were booked but $75 bucks was $75 bucks and there we were, screeching into cheap microphones with a bunch of coveralled farmers staring at our hair combed the wrong way. One of them repeatedly came up and told us (not asked... told) to turn that noise down. We did. The only music we could come up with was thirty minutes of instrumental "Hour" and harmonies we made up on the spot, the words making fun of our situation in call and answer improv. It might have been Our finest hour...It was certainly our most creative. The politician was Lester Maddox.

Wilson Pickett just passed away of a heart attack. I have a few minutes alone in the house this morning and I will pick up my old pawn shop Stratocaster and step to a little "Wickett Pickett" before I venture out into the day. I'm turning it up real loud, in the volume makes up for lack of talent theory.

Thanks, Wilson!




When thinking about scientific research into climate change, I find myself comparing it to the mesmerized fascination of a caged rat staring at the face of a snake...waiting...

Wanna know what actual climate scientists are finding out about climate change? I mean without politics? This is a website for and by scientists with a synopsis linking articles that even I can understand.

A soldier returns but not really:


the Story

In our Senator Frist Friday news, there's a startling buzz about his Washington office. Seems he had staffers in his office daytrading on inside info from lobbyists and legislators. If this revelation holds up, somebody is in serious big trouble...Oh wait...Frist is already under investifgation for insider trading...Duh!

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