Friday, January 13, 2006

Full Wolf Moon

So Friday the Thirteenth and the full moon fall on the same day....Oooooeeeeeoooooo....

One of the things I pity city dwellers for is night lights. When I get to be Emperor of the Universe, I will have them turned off. Until then, you poor urbanites will not know the monthly wonder and peace of a world seen only by the illuminations of a full moon.

A gift I would give each person would be a clear winter night in a deep hardwood forest with the full wolf moon. Last night was close enough. Clouds are coming to the Cumberland Plateau so we may miss true fullness. Friday and Saturday nights will share the brightness. I hope you folks get the chance to find someplace to go, even if only for a little while.

At our house, there are lots of windows and no curtains. The only time this is a problem is when the Air National Guard is flying night maneuvers or there is a full moon. Did you know that black helicopters are not chased away by a naked middle aged man standing on the deck of his cliffside bedroom giving them the finger?

The other time bare windows are problematic is when a body is trying to sleep through a moonlit night. I don't under stand why anyone would want to sleep all the way through a moonlit night, actually, but I do get the concept of needing just one more little nap before the alarm goes off. It's hard to get that last one in with a bright beam lunar headlight shining in your face.

The four legged vigilantes we feed on the back porch seem to feel the need, on such nights, to alert us to the movement of every beast larger than a shrew. This is an audible alarm only, since any real confrontation results in the dogs demonstrating that they have mastered the art of barking ferociously while retreating at full speed. My studies indicate that the only animal they will approach within strinking distance of is a skunk, of which we apparently have plenty. Everything else has free rein to eat the new fruit trees or the remaining greens left in the kitchen garden, as long as whatever it is can ignore the incessant yapping...and most of them do.

So I'm groggier than normal this day. I'll try to steal a nap sometime after lunch. I count it as a blessing that I don't sleep through the night. It is such a stunning world.




  1. Just one of the many reasons I adore living in the country. I'd die if I had to live in a city.

  2. Hey, I thought I was going to the Emperor of the Universe!