Thursday, June 01, 2006

Climate of Confusion

We've all got a good one going with the climate change debate. As always there are interesting thoughts no matter which side you're on. Let me try to draw things together a bit.

Global climate is warming...Fact.

Faster than we can ever find in the geological record...fact.

The increase corresponds with the increase in CO2 released into the atmosphere by humans...fact.

Whatever the reason for climate change, we aren't helping...fact.

It has taken us about 150 years to get in this fix and we aren't gonna turn this train around in our lifetimes...fact.

If we do everything we can right now, at best we can only lessen a bad situation...fact.

We've screwed our kids and grandkids...some debate but not a whole lot.

We should at the very least quit digging the hole...You decide.

I think our choices are between bad and worse.

I advocate a full tilt boogie program to bring about "bad". It would solve our problems in the Middle East as a side bet, by taking us off the oil economy. If we had spent half the money we borrowed to fight the Iraq war, we would be much of the way toward our goal already. Until we drive down the profit in oil and coal we're stuck with inevitable wars and environmental destruction. So Charlie's right in saying we have to learn to live with it...but that is a default position of our actions. While we are doing that, we have to continue research and and education and take what steps we know are prudent.

If nothing else in this whole debate is true, think about this. What if the CEO of Exxon Mobile and the President of the United States stood together at a podium and said to the people of the United States,

"We have decided to irrevocably alter the atmosphere of planet Earth. We don't have an idea of what will happen and lots of scientists think this is a bad idea, but hey, Some of us will make a lot of money. It'll be like a great big science experiment and it'll probably mess things up for the future of all mankind, but it'll be fun while it lasts. And one more thing...we don't care what you think, so there."

Like that? It's what we're doing.





Another good blog. I hear Gore's movie broke some records for attendance this past weekend, even though it only opened in four very "blue" states! There is still some hope, just.

I want to see it, but have no idea when I might. My Internet connection is too slow, and I don't expect it in theaters here. Anyway, I'm in the choir.

Your quote of R. Waldo E was great too. I thought of ******, after dinner, bloated, waxing expansive. ...

And I get more and more frightened as we heat up. I won't flood, but I may melt. Frightened and mad. And the poor kids! Shit, what have I done? I knew better, but lust in my heart (and other places) got the better of me.

We are such a bunch of ninnies.

And I watched a documentary on APT on Memorial Day. About three days in October 1967. The first big on campus demonstration, at Madison, Wisconsin, and an ugly battle just northeast of Saigon. It was the first time the US Army got badly beaten, with most of two Divisions killed off. Totally our mistake, so we covered it up. Spun it good. And remained blind enough to continue messing up for seven more years. And at Madison we found out about at least two widely separated views of what was "right" "ethical" and who had the power to push which view. I was in tears by the time it was over. I seem to tear up more and more these days. Feeling impotent I guess.

...I'm as big a ninny as anyone.

Peace my ass, let's blow something up.


A fellow blogger sent this to me regarding the Exxon Mobile pro global warming ad that I referred to. Interesting approach.

Anti Ad Ad

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  1. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Regarding the potential Exxon/President quote, this delves into the mechanics of our overall current system of life and the thought processes of America.
    Not exploiting a situation where there is a lot of money involved is anti-American, thus also making it anti-capitalistic. Our current "capitalistic" economic system and frame of mind consisting of "anything for the dollar" is to blame. The rhetoric exhibited in the underlying tone of the above quote is borderline terrorist by today's standard. I commend you for making such anti-capitalist statements, but watch out for big brother, he may have already red-flagged you as a "potential domestic terrorist".
    The unquenching drive for money at any expense aka "give me money, or give me death" mentality, is to blame for most of the exploitation of the environment and the current global crisis we are experiencing.