Thursday, June 15, 2006


Got called the "L" word this week. No, not lesbian...I was called a Liberal like it was something bad like calling someone a "conservative" is. Try this quote from a historical giant:

"A conservative government is an organized hypocrisy." Benjamin Disraeli

Sound like the government of any western super power you know?

Here's a little light reading for anyone interested in understanding the Liberal conservative division in its historical roots. First we study Conservatism:


Not without controversy, you'll note, though the arguments don't seem to consist of well grounded critical reasoning so much as name calling. That's today's conservatives for you. Their justification is pretty much, Liberal=Bad...

Jesus is a well known Liberal. Got put to death for going up against a totalitarian Conservative government based on an early version of the Old Testament. Jesus said things like, "Hey, people...Ya know that "eye for an eye" consept? Well it actually doesn't work very well and we ought to try a little kindness, eh? whaddaya say?"

This of course, is my personal translation and is certainly as valid as Judge Roy Moore's.

Here are a few concepts brought to you by Liberalism:

"individual liberties, personal dignity, free expression, religious tolerance, private property, universal human rights, transparency of government, limitations on government power, popular sovereignty, national self-determination, privacy, enlightened and rational policy, the rule of law, fundamental equality, a free market economy, and free trade."

A rather fine document was penned that held these tenets to be good things. The document installed as the highest law of a new country, called the United States of America. Most Liberals refer to the document as The Constitution. The current president refers to it as "outdated"...

Here's a little historical fact for you...The vast majority of conservative governments end in revolution. There's a party for a while, although only a privileged few get to attend, but then the rest of the people eventually get tired of being screwed and they invent things like Msr. Guillotine's device to fix their problem. It's ugly.

This time, it may not happen. We may kill our planet's ability to support human life first. Oddly, the one thing that true Conservatism and true Liberalism agree upon is Nature and it's value standing untouched. Unfortunately, no viable political philosophy has yet evolved that can stand against shortsighted human greed.




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