Monday, June 05, 2006


Ah, tis the season for dull boring commencement speeches. Important and semi important people stand up in front of the graduates of this or that college or University and make high minded speeches that are mostly drivel. The students will mostly sit quietly with their own thoughts about college life. About two thirds of them will be thinking about getting drunk and getting laid as soon as they can after that moron up there shuts up. The other third will not place that much importance on getting drunk.

John McCain gave a commencement speech at a Liberal arts college and got ripped a new one by one of the student speakers. First of all for the conservative idiocy of the content, but also for the fact that McCain was giving the same speech he gave at another school. Liberal arts are about thinking about things and the kids really didn't need a conservative talking point memo instead of a commencement speech. They will come up with their own things that they think, thank you.

Stephen Colbert gave a commencement speech at a small liberal school called Knox College. It's in Illinois, not Tennessee, and it was quite original. Colbert introduced himself as Stephen Colbert who plays a person on TV with the same name, who says things he doesn't believe with a straight face, thereby setting himself apart from all the other news people on the air...Ok...Thats not true, is it?

Nope...not even close.

Well anyway, he was funny. I can't find a complete transcript but here's a goodly supply of excerpts:


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