Friday, June 16, 2006

The Message is clear

An interesting phenomena is happening in the democratic Party...The rank and file are getting active in demanding that the national party grows some testicles or ovaries or whatever it is they've been missing for the last five years. There is a serious challenge to George bush's favorite democrat, Joe Lieberman in the dem primary in Connecticut. A strongly progressive candidate, Ned Lamont, has almost caught Loserman, with the result that Lieberman now refuses to state that he will support the winner of that primary...This is a stunning display of petulance and self interest and Lieberman even goes so far as to state that he will run as an independant if he is defeated as a Democrat.

Democrats are creating a strong message and it is not coming from the old line political hacks that support is coming from the same grass roots core that brought Howard Dean and his anti Iraq war progressive movement to the front. The Nation says it best:

"Democratic voters want to fight the 2006 Congressional elections as a progressive party that promises the country a course correction...Out of the quagmire that is Iraq, Out of the swamp of corruption and incompetence that is Republican Washington and...toward a renewed and real politics of the common good."

Well said!



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  1. sister faith11:28 AM

    Right on Steve! (guess I've revealed my age!)

    I'm sick of these nambie-pambies!!