Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Pot pouri

Congratulations!...The Iraq war has now lasted longer than WW II, as of 9:30 last night.

In the recent soccer World Cup, the authorities announced a crack down on racial slurs on the field. Any player who used such a slur was to be ejected and his team penalized by losing three points...essentially a forfiet. In the United States we know about the N word but the most offensive word in europe is French...So what was the racial epithet that was so eggregious? It was the exact same word that Senator George Allen used to describe a dark skinned man at his campaign stop in rural is worth noting that Senator Allen's mother was a French Citizen who lived in North Africa where the insult was born, so he knew full well what he was saying and knew that it was a racial insult.

"Macaca" is derived from macaque which means "Monkey." Imagine if Senator Allen had used the English translation instead of the French while speaking to a black American cameraman? His campaign would be over already. It will be interesting to watch the weaseling.

Both Tennessee Senatorial candidates are opposed to gay marriage. I am glad that they both see this as such an important issue since it affects so many of us in such a personal way. What I'm trying to say is "How stupid can you people be?" Even if jesus had royally condemned gay marriage, which he never did in any way shape or form, how in the heck could that be a bigger deal than the Bush Administration's royal Fubar of Iraq?...the death of our planet from Global warming?...The impending destruction of the Social Security system by Republicans?... The Tennessee Alabama football game?

Come on, people...Where are your priorities?



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  1. The gay marriage issue is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of screwed up priorities around here. I think all the ignorance concerning this matter is due to religion! Religion today is nothing but a political tool, in all religions of the world. There is always some political agenda lurking behind the prophecies and gospels.
    For example, I went to public schools here in East Tennessee. I grew up in them. For every facility of education, there were ~15 churches. And I am not talking about little churches, I am talking about multi-million dollar religious corporations. These "places of worship" were enormous structures filled with cutting edge technology to "enhance the ability to serve God". Meanwhile, sitting in the run down, mold filled trailer, where my classes were held, I was learning from textbooks from the 1970's (I graduated highschool in 2002, if that gives you an idea of how outdated the material was) and breathing in the sweet smell of crushed chalk off the board, due to the lack of funding for adequate technology. But after school, as I walked home, I was bombarded with people handing out crispy, brand new bibles on a regular basis. This example does not even mention the social anxiety caused by "Christian" clubs/groups associated with the schools(FCA/Young Life/etc).
    So in reality, the regressiveness displayed by the priorities regarding gay marriage is not the biggest problem we face! Though it is a worthy problem to address.
    The fact that churches are excluded from paying taxes is a severe infringement of the laws regarding church and state in my opinion. Churches/Religions are simply private businesses that are used to control the people in order to fulfill a political agenda. This must be changed immediately.
    Education is the fundamental basis for a prosperous country, it should not be viewed as second rate or the "anti-christ". If people were more educated about homosexuals, there would be a lot less fear associated with it.