Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A nice Raise

I pay income tax.

Most of us do when we have income. This is what supports the functions of our government and pays George Bush's salary and the no bid contracts for Vice President Cheney's company Halliburton. I think of income as money I get. I do something...I get paid...That's income.

Someone hands me a twenty for no good reason? They may be stupid but I have income of $20 as a result. My government gets a cut for keeping the money supply in balance so it's worth something and also for guarding the borders and keeping terrorists and Fidel Castro from coming here and taking it away from me. Tax is the part of my income that I throw in the collective pot supposedly for the mutual benefit of all of Americans. This is the deal we make by staying here and living in America. Other countries have different deals, but I like this one best.

One of the things I don't like about our system is the ability of people in high places to give themselves lots of money...not paying their fair share. Here is a little example of someone in a high place in government giving themselves 12.7 million dollars...

At some point in the coming years, this guy is going to be given about 76 million dollars. This is the same deal as the twenty I would get only bigger...much bigger. Until last week, the part of that he would have had to throw into the collective pot to help America function would have been 12.7 million dollars more than it is now. This is not a poor man we are talking about. His net worth is in the 20 to 30 million range now.

So this multi multi millionaire goes to Congress and askes them to not make him pay his fair share of tax. Congress does the right thing and says, "Sure, incredibly rich person! You didn't earn this money it was just given to you so you should keep it all." Congress passed a bill stating just that and this person signed it for a nice 12.7 million dollar profit.

Well done, Mr. President.

Perhaps nobody will notice that you paid for this in part by stealing it from Social Security, specifically the $255 per month payment to WIDOWS!

There's a lot more here...You won't like it, though...

Greg Palast




  1. Yeah, taxes are a big deal. Everyone in our government seems to have lost the ability to tell right from wrong. Instead, they have adopted the mindset of "will it be good/bad for me?" This is very dangerous. Your example is one of many screwed up things I am sure are happening in our economics. This type of behavior by our own government leaders does not send a good message to the common man. This behavior shows people that morality has no grounds anymore, it is becoming survival of the fittest. What Mr. 12.6 million has done is wrong on so many counts, that it will only breed more of that behvior on the micro level until it becomes a macro problem for the 'big guys'. My question to you (and everyone) is what can be done to prevent 'good christian men', such as the one you speak of, from doing this further, and maybe repremanding the ones who have already done it? No idea comes to my mind, because everyone in power to do the repremanding is in the same boat as Mr. 12.6 million.

  2. Aw come on, get real. What good are widows in America? Bleed us dry, those folks. What we want to do is starve out the useless people at the bottom and have a country in which people who know how to make a dime get the breaks. We don't like people for whom 12 million seems like a lot of money. 12 million is chickenfeed compared to what you can make out of the system if you bother to learn how it works.

    The last thing we want is to continue enabling the "meek." Who needs meek?! And don't rub the "christian" thing in our faces. "Christian" is something you game and that's it. "Christian goodness" is bullshit.

    Have a nice day.

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  5. YNP, Prairie Weather is being sarcastic...She's way cool!

    Check her web site and you'll see.

  6. Oh ok. You can never be too sure.
    Sorry prairieW!