Wednesday, August 29, 2007

By the Light of the Rove Moon

As the reign of the American "Il Duce" wannabe comes to an end we are all suffering under the last viscious ravages of the rabid dog that has become this presidency.

The maddening exercise of power in the face of dwindling support, makes it seem like administration officials are observing that beatings aren't improving morale, and with that in mind we shall double the daily ration of lashes until morale improves.

"We will destroy your mountains and take your resources so that we can make you pay us while we put poisons in your air and tell you it's for your own good."

Even ousted chief of staff Karl Rove looks to punish those who dared to doubt his god-hood. Rove ordered the Secret Service to arrest Washington protesters who dared to show their dissent by mooning Rove at an April speech on a university campus.

How dare anyone show the world how much they don't love Karl Rove?

The protesters had already been arrested by the local authorities, in and of itself a Constitutionally questionable abuse of power, and ordered to serve 40 hours of community service. Being unable to accept that the mooning offense was punished on the level of a minor felony. Rove has demanded that the Secret Service arrest these people....

And they did!

"On Friday, Gardner and the rest of the group were notified by AU’s Dean of Students that the Secret Service has issued warrants for their arrest."

Rove was speaking to a group called the Campus Republicans at the time, which was last April, and now seeks, apparently, to demonstrate that he can mold them into his version of the Hitler Youth.

"See how much power you can have if you follow me?" Rove seems to be saying..."I've resigned in disgrace and I can still have the Secret Service arrest college students for not showing me their love."

A thoughtful person can only ask...

"What the F--- is going on in my country?"



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