Thursday, August 09, 2007

Salt Lake City

The closest most folks get to an international experience might be a cab ride.

My Egyptian cabbie had just gotten back into the country and told me he was broke. I laughed and he said he had enough to get by but that he had no extra. I asked him where his home in Egypt was and he said Alexandria. So happens I have a soccer Dad from Egypt who rates middle eastern restaurants for me I mentioned food and we were off to the races to compare likes dislikes and "you must try's" before the ride ended.

For $20 I got a great recipe for okra and lamb, and also a ride from the airport into town.

You fine and long suffering folks will get some reprieve from my ramblings for the next few days. I'm still stunned by the $6.75 I paid for a beer while waiting for my plane to depart in Nashville, and now I'm dealing with alcoholic beverages that are heavy on the beverage and light on the important ingredients.

A religion that doesn't drink coffee or alcohol ought to at least stay out of the recipes. One of our marketing folks asked the question, "So if we're in a desert and water is such a problem, why is there so much of it in the beer?"

Now if only I can get my room reservation straightened out so I don't have to sleep on a floor tonight.



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