Friday, August 17, 2007

We're after the wrong Guy!

So what if I told you that we could stop more people from being killed each year in the United States of America if we quit trying to stop this guy from doing business....

And concentrated on stopping this guy from doing business...

That nice looking gentleman is Daniel Roling, and he is the CEO of National Coal. His employment contract is on file in Knoxville, TN and lists a very nice compensation package for Dan.
In addition to money and stock and a killer severance package, Dan and his family get health insurance...Good health insurance.
Now here is a map for you to think about. Dan and his company have a lot to do with this map. It is the power plant distribution of nasty little bits of coal ash that can go in your lungs and the lungs of your children and never come back out.
More importantly, the nasty little bits of coal ash kill about 30,000 people a year...slowly, as they suck on a little plastic tube connected to an oxygen bottle, if they are older...Or if they are younger, they carry a steroid inhaler around with them every day so that, when the airways in their lungs close up in the bodies defense mechanism that tries to keep us from breahing those nasty little bits of coal ash, the steroid inhaler will enable them to breathe again and not feel like they are suffocating.

So who is it that says Dan and his friends are killing 30,000 Americans a year?
Osama can only dream of such an accomplishment.
A company called Abt Associates. They must do research for ultra left wing enviro-nazis, right?
Yeah...Here's a list:
Georgia Power Company, Kansai Electric Power Company, NorthEast Utilities, Select Energy, Shell, Virginia Power Company
So as we watch the news of the coal miners trapped below the surface of the earth...As our hearts go out to their wives and children...As we think of them possibly trapped in a room where the air they must breathe to stay alive turns to poison...Think about the fact that right here in east Tennessee, not only is coal mining killing those miners and the people who are trying to rescue them...
Coal is killing you and your children, too.
Thank you, Dan.
I hope your children die rich.
Mining coal is about the stupidest thing humans can do. Here we are worrying about climate change caused by atmospheric carbon dioxide, and we're digging the stuff up out of the ground and burning it straight into our air.
Coal IS sequestered carbon.


  1. Excellent piece.

    Daniel Roling looks like he should be playing Dracula in a cheap B movie.

    What he needs is dragged out into the street and "educated".

  2. Wow, what a psychotic piece of writing.

  3. What an abusive name calling comment with no substance. You must be a coal person. I often wonder how coal people live in denial and refuse to face up to the externalized costs of coal including the innocent lives harmed and lost? How does that feel?