Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Visiting the Friends and neighbors

If you don't make regular visits to Susan's place you're missing some of the best snark anywhere. She started mainly pointing out that we ought to be laughing our big blue butts off at Tom DeLay but she's branched out. She still shows us how local shenanigans ought to be covered.

Susan get's into Tennessee politics because, well, Texas owes us...Tennessee sent Texas Sam Houston and then a bunch of suicidal misfits with rifles so they could have this cute little monument of a mission right in the middle of San Antonio and get tourons to pay perfectly good money to go in and see the Mexican bullet holes where about 12 Tennesseans were killed. One of them was Davy Crockett, who had just been "Un" elected to Congress by the fine people of Tennessee. Another was Micajah Autry, a Jackson, TN lawyer, businessman, and rifle marksman. (Autry is an interesting character who failed at business, wasn't much of a lawyer, and missed General Sanna Anna when he had the shot that could have changed everything.

But enough about the Texas origins of the NRA...

Anyway Susan has a great take on Fred and his lovely current wife. The money quote:

"I consider this project technically vague and stunningly overpriced"

(Fred's staff tried to tell him, but would he listen?)

Paul Wolfiwitz obviously appreciates Jeri Thompson's assets.

And from our "If only it were True" Department..

Tom Tomorrow

I'm headed out to Salt Lake City this afternoon, where I intend to resume my research project on the connection between 3.2 beer and bloated stomachs.



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