Friday, February 20, 2009

Corker is a TOON?

In a flashback to " Who killed Roger Rabbit", our junior senator from Tennessee is raising eyebrows with his performances lately. His cartoonish imitations of a foam at the mouth wingnut are at odds with people who know the guy. What's going on? 

I have asked essentially the same question several times: 

Has Bob Corker gone over to the dark side? Actually, I have gone from asking the question to stating it as fact. I had such high hopes for Corker and a moderate Republican. I guess there's no longer any such thing. We probably should have known this would happen when Karl Rove started hanging around Chattanooga during Bob's Senate campaign. The Republican party poured massive amounts of marketing and pr into Corker's run and just barely edged out Harold Ford, Jr. in a nasty and racially tinged campaign from Corker financed with a huge injection of Corker's personal millions at the last minute. It looks like Bob is now trying to either ingratiate himself to, or repay, the neoconservatives who now control the Republican party, but he frankly just looks goofy trying to do it. 

Has Bob turned loon? Or is he just the latest in a long line of pols shamelessly grubbing to be the senator from Fox News?
Corker's call for TVA ratepayers to bear the full cost of the Kingston Catastrophe bears witness to Corker's deal with the devils of his party. Ignoring that it was Federally elected Republicans from all over the country who dismantled a resonably functioning TVA Board and replaced it with anti environment Republican party loyalists (including the Chairman of the Republican National Committee, for pete's sake), the call for us locals to pay for our bastard child after we've been raped is a little too much. 

Come on Bob...You weren't like this before...What happened? 

As Kotz calls for in his piece:

You need help, Bob. We're here for you if you can break through that bubble they are holding you in.



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  1. Is this maybe due to the new effort (apparently coming from moderates in both parties) to fence off southern Republicans, label them "the Confederacy" and attempt to declaw (not to say neuter) them? Just a thought.