Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Help get the Grassroots a Seat at the Table

No...I'm not talking about Michael Phelps or bong hits. 

Ok, two things...

First...The South Carolina DA who is looking to see if he can make a case against Phelps is a jerk. If everybody who has done what Phelps did were prosecuted it would shut down the American justice system and eliminate the vast majority of law enforement officers, DA's, Judges, etc. 

Second...The jokes are hilarious:

 Never share your pot with someone who has the lung capacity of a dolphin. - Conan O'Brien

Ok, back to the grassroots, or shall we call it the "NetRoots"?

Lots of us are tired of being asked for money by local politicians only to find that we get ignored on big issues because we didn't give enough. We've watched National Coal have their way with legislators. We've watched big corporations get tax breaks and incentives while state services are being cut back. In Tennessee we've watched the state leaders back  Republican Lites instead of finding real live Democrats to run for office, and the platforms are virtually indistinguishable from each other. 

As Tennessee faces schools which are 9th from the bottom, an environmental foobar with the coal industry, a Billion dollar budget shortfall, and healthcare in a stinking mess, our state legislators, now dominated by Republicans, are announcing gay marriage bans, guns in state parks, and attacking the real menaces to society, which is either abortion or illegal immigrants, depending on which elected idiot has the microphone. 

America went blue in the last election and a recent Gallop  poll says a majority Tennesseeans consider themselves Democrats. So why did Republicans win the elections here? Well...It was mostly Republicans who were running, regardless of the capital letter after the name on the ballot. The Progressive message was lost as our state leaders told Obama to stay out of the state. 

Well, we looked to Democratic leaders to do something. You maybe...Lead? 
 They didn't. They haven't. So we will. 

Step one is to let the state Democratic Party know that they have to answer to the people. This is supposed to be the difference between Republicans, who exist to serve rich people and serve as their whores and parasites. Democrats are supposed to represent workers, common people, the common good, and a healthy future for our children. 

Republicans are supposed to make things profitable for gun manufacturers and make sure gay sex stays in public bathrooms where it belongs.

The top down leadership that didn't lead has to go. The Tennessee Democratic Party has to be woken up, or we have to find a different state to move to. We can't continue to walk backward while smiling and pretending that everything is ok. It's time for action, so here's what we're gonna do...

We're going to give money to the Tennessee State Party.

That's right...We're speaking to them in a language they understand. American Currency. Greenbacks. Dollars (worth less as each day goes by but hey). It's a rap on the head that says, "You guys screwed this all up. Time have changed. Change with us or get out of the way."

So today, Tennessee Progressive bloggers have started a program we have named "Chip In!" after the new Democratic Party chairman, Chip Forrester, who has no part in this.  We propose to raise $1000 in small donations in 48 hours in order to get his attention. So far it looks like we messed up.  We are nearly thre quarters of the way to our goal after only two hours.  It's OK, we'll deal with it. We'll raise the target and make a bigger impression. 

So herre's YOUR chance to help the Progressive movement in Tennessee, even if you don't live here.  Hey...We gave money to help Your state and we're only asking for a few bucks. As important as the amount of money is the number of contributers. Give us $5 and you'll have done your part. We're working to get a seat at the table and this is how it's done in American Politics for now.

Thanks! and Peace,



  1. benintn10:43 AM - Swan Pond Journal talks more about the totally screwed up system at TVA and the profiteering which is destroying TVA from within.

    This is a serious issue, and we need to get the corporate and lobbyist interests out of Washington. The only way to do that is for all of us to work together and chip in. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Reality11:37 AM

    Two comments:

    1. The poll that claimed Tennessee leans Democrat also claimed that Oklahoma leans Democrat. McCain won every county in Oklahoma. That poll is worthless.

    2. In this post, you express an extremely simplistic and, frankly, childish view of politics. Things aren't quite so black and white.

  3. Reality11:40 AM

    I should also point out that while the country went blue last fall, Tennessee went a deeper shade of red. Tennesseans do not agree with your liberalism.

  4. You didn't read the poll very deeply, did you Real?

    And you didn't read my post very thoughtfully, did you?

    And maybe you should choose a different name..."reality"? Come on.

  5. onetahiti3:48 PM

    Excellent post, WhitesCreek! Keep up the much-needed work!