Friday, February 13, 2009

RDD...(Republican Derangement Disease)

How does a rational human being face themselves in the mirror after ranting crazy stuff on National TV?

My senior senator, Lamar Alexander,  says the stimulus package is "a spending bill, and not a stimulus bill." Do these people ever feel bad about saying stupid things like this? Is "Republican Derangement Disease" redundant? Triple redundant? Can we just say "Republican" and have people nod their heads in knowing agreement like they do when you mention "Alzheimers" in the same sentence with an old person?

Conservatives spent the last 8 years voting to borrow trillions of dollars from our children and pissed it away while destroying our international reputation, our military, our economy, and possibly our future. Now republicans are goose stepping with the other members of their party to moan and whine that the people who have to fix our economy are spending too much money? What? Are they nuts? 

Karl Rove apparently is...
Over the past month, House Republicans have used the stimulus bill to redefine their party, present ideas on how to revive the economy... 
Ok. I'll bite. Name exactly ONE Republican idea to stimulate the economy...Tax cuts for the Rich? Yeah, right! These people are both crazy and traitors. Yeah, traitors. Why do they hate America? We just gave them trillions of dollars in tax cuts...Three times the amount they are claiming is too much in the stimulus bill. Got that? We cut the hell out of rich people's taxes and the economy tanked anyway. 

Paul Krugman thinks Republicans are simply nuts:
...the rhetorical response of conservatives to the stimulus plan — which will, it’s worth bearing in mind, cost substantially less than either the Bush administration’s $2 trillion in tax cuts or the $1 trillion and counting spent in Iraq — has bordered on the deranged.
Read the rest of Paul Krugman's column.

President Obama has done what he could to include Republicans in trying to save our economy. They want no part of it, actually, even though they smile and dance and agree right up until time to vote. Then they turn into snarling dogs, biting the hand of anyone who tries to help them. 

Obama included tax cuts in the stimulus bill at their demand, and then they refused to support it, even after they got what they wanted. What they really want is for Obama to fail. For America to lose. They want America's economy to fail beause they somehow think that this will make them look good. Well here's a message to republicans/conservatives: You did this to us, and frankly, most Americans know this. Keep following Karl Rove, keep standing in the way of Obama's work to fix our country, and you'll disappear into a fractured minority party. 

Conservatism is a failed philosophy, as starkly demonstrated by the last eight years in America. if you somehow believe it's not...consider yourself diagnosed.




  1. In real terms, the Republicans are nuts. In political terms they are not. Their language appeals to the basest among us (their base, not ours!) plus any Americans who thrive on greed and resentment.

    Next target: Social Security.

  2. Anonymous2:28 PM

    No, Steve, you are nuts!!! In 1980 amid a growing economic crisis brought on by Jimmy Carter, Reagan campaigned on four specifics:
    1) tax cuts
    2) Control of Government spending
    3) Deregulation
    4) A tight, anti-inflation monetary policy

    These policies worked, because they turned around an economy far worse than today's in just two short years.

    The situation we are in today is not the worst since the great depression, but the worst since Jimmy Carter. By the way, that was the last time the liberals were dominant both intellectually and politically.

    The "stimulous" package is not designed to turn this economy around. It is more about ideology and expansion of government. Unfortunately Obama is in over his head and by allowing the left wing fanatics in the house and senate to dictate policy he will create an economic situation far worse than what we have experienced in the past.

    Think about it Steve, without free enterprise and a free market driven economy you would not be in the position of being able to sit in the woods and spout this drivel. Some people would consider you "rich" being that you are not currently working for a living!!!!!

  3. Jimmy Carter...Bill Clinton....Obama....


    The fact is that Republicans are idiots who care more about their money than they do their country and people.

    Obama had a healthy Stimulus until Republicans and their Conservocrat butt-buddies decided they didn't want Americans to have good health care and that veterans should get close to nothing.

    In every sense of the word.

    The last eight years are not forgotten and never will be. Obama should stop this moron outreach program he's been running and just tell the vermin in the GOP to fuck off.

    Use the exec orders, Barack. Pass the stimulus then force everything that was removed to get their cooperation.
    These half dicked chickenhawks should have no say whatsoever. Just like it was for us when they were the Congressional majority.

    Fuck 'em.

  4. Anonymous1:19 AM

    Hey Captain Kool-Aid,

    You are proof of that old ad campaign.....this is your brain on drugs....

  5. No more from Anonymous posters.

  6. It is an indication of pretty low character when posts that are respectful, yet affirm a different view are banned, while posts from captainkona, which are vulgar, course, mean spirited and clueless are allowed to remain. You fellows don't want open debate, you merely want to spew your hatred and hope someone listens. Pretty Pathetic!!