Monday, February 09, 2009

Republicans can't lead and won't follow...Quote of the Day

"Since Republicans can't lead and won't follow, they need to get out of the way!"

Reaganism has nearly wiped out this country. Progressives pointed out that it was a bad idea a century ago, pointed out it was a bad idea thirty years ago, and I guess we better point it out again, right now today.

Republicans need to come with an idea that isn't "give all your money to rich people", but that looks increasingly unlikely. The Republican proposals for fixing the worst American economy in our lifetimes looks pretty much like the exact same thing that created the worst American economy in our lifetimes...Tax cuts for Rich people. It's a bad idea! WE told you so!

President Bush borrowed more money than all his predecessors in history combined in order to make it look like our economy wasn't a disaster. If he had spent what he borrowed on something besides things like covering Dick Cheney's ample ass on his mismanagement of Halliburton and tax cuts for the rich, we might actually have an economy right now. But Bush didn't and we don't. Given the obvious failure you'd think they would at least be sorry and shut up, but no...Republicans are working their evil little mouths as hard as they can to make people believe that the way to fix this mess caused by giving tax cuts to rich people is to give some more tax cuts to rich people. 

"Help the middle class? What? Are you crazy? What good does that do for rich people?"

The Republican operating theory has been tried many times over, throughout history. It always ends badly. Eventually, the starving masses have to gather up into a massive cloud of vengence and eat all the rich people. It's ugly. Just ask Marie Antoinette. She hated liberals, too, even though she always longed to live the simple peasant's life, and was chastised for wearing "peasant" dresses made of muslin "unfit for a queen". Rather than hold that image of Marie 's head being surgically removed by Dr. Guillotine's brutal device, Republicans are standing on the barricade's demanding more tax cuts for rich people and corporations...Their donors. 

Well, Republicans have a lot of unmitigated gall. You have to give them that. After voting against our economy for the last 8 years, they are hellbent on doing the same thing, now, claiming tax cuts for the rich will be good for the economy. And I suppose next we'll hear that we should give corporations more tax breaks if they send more jobs overseas. That would make about as much sense.

Want to know where spending a dollar will give the greatest boost to the economy? Give it to a poor person. That's right! Give it to a poor person. I guarantee you it will get spent right here at home. Give a rich person an extra dollar and what happens? Gets put in a hedge fund or spent in Europe or the Bahamas or something. 

Food stamps, unemployment benefits, and infrastructure investment put the most money back into the economy for every dollar spent on them. Tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy do the least.

So the word to Republicans is "Shutup!" Go away. You've hurt America well enough as it is. At least get out of the way and let us fix this mess you've made. Maybe you can read about the French Revolution to pass the time. That's the one where they cut the heads off of the conservatives at the end. 




  1. Anonymous2:14 AM

    You are such a "class warfare" freak it is unbelievable. Roosevelt tried to fix his economic problem with the "new deal" and it was an utter failure as far as fixing the ecomony. Even so called liberal economists will agree with that.
    What is your "Progressive" solution? Obama doesn't appear to have one except to rehash Roosevelts failed solutions.

  2. Anonymous10:36 AM

    The first Anonymous is obviously a ditto head without much brain capacity and a total lack of historical knowledge....just your typical wing-nut....

  3. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Ditto head with total lack of historical knowledge, huh!It's inarguably true that in the very short-term, the New Deal did not fix the economy. Roosevelt's programs were first passed in 1933 but economists generally agree that the Great Depression did not end until 1939, when the country began preparing for World War II. Unemployment rates, which reached as high as 25%, took several years to recover and did not get below 9% until 1940. I think anonymous 2 is the brainless one.

  4. 1st Anonymous, don't forget that also just before the War, Roosevelt was forced to give up, resulting from the pressure of the ditto heads of those times who won over the rest of Congress in his 2nd administration and killed much of the New Deal injection that would have staved off the recession that preceded WWII. We would have survived that period of deficit spending for the common good of the country, as we will now. If we do not lose our nerve and have the integrity to pay ourselves and children back. This from another brainless thinker. On second thought maybe we should just thank all those nameless people including children who took one for the team and helped keep all those folks at the top in the style they were accustomed to living.