Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday? State of the Union Address? Ash Wednesday?

Is there some subtle meaning in this?

Enjoy the day because I think we are going to be called on for personal sacrifice in order to help fix this mess we're in.

Quote of the day:

Progressive thought rests, first, on the value of empathy—putting oneself in other people’s shoes, seeing the world through their eyes, and therefore caring about them.  
The second principle is acting on that care, taking responsibility both for oneself and others, social as well as individual responsibility. 

The third is acting to make oneself, the country, and the world better—what Obama has called an “ethic of excellence” toward creating “a more perfect union” politically.
 From a post by George Lakoff...The Obama Code

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  1. How do you decide what "better" is?