Friday, October 28, 2005


I heard this as I was driving "up the mountain" as they say in places where you can drive up to a higher elevation. Frankly there's usually not much of a mountain involved but that's what they say.

I had a complicated of those where a lot of noise was made but nothing actually got done and won't anytime soon. My head was buzzing around in that space between inaction and doing nothing, trying to find a door out of the rabbit hole when this came on the radio. The show was Marketplace on NPR. This is a commentary and it has me really scared or mad or something I can't identify, but if the commentator wanted to scare us all for Halloween, he couldn't have done a better job.

Ultimately I guess my true emotion comes down to a deep sadness that this is portrayed as something good in America...a worthy ideal. How have we come to this?

Listen for yourself:




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  1. You're so mean. All those nice big corporations making so much money out of misery. Just remember that the miserable did it to themselves. The Good American is the one who profits and, um, "moves on."

    No more encouraging: the reaction of the voter who sees what's happening and who asks, So, why bother to vote?

    Don't you think there's bound to be a backlash?