Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Quick! Tell us why we went to war in Iraq?

Anyone who said, "So we can fight 'em over there so we won't have to fight 'em here," put on your "I am sooooo gullible" cap and sit in the corner. If you truly believe that, you think Rush Limbaugh tells the truth, Fox news is a reputable news organization, and by the way, I have a nice moldy car with Louisianna liscense plates I want to sell you.

You also believe there is such a thing as "ConservativeThinking"...Duh!

I sorta think it was about the convergence of flawed conservative ideology called the Project for the New American Century, Karl Rove wanting a perpetual war to prop up his incompetent loser President, a few Generals with all sorts of toys they'd never been able to play with, and George Bush wanting to find something in the Middle East he was never, ever able to find in any of his companies...Oil.

Oil companies, by the way, were nearly unanimously opposed to the war. There! I said something nice about oil companies. As it turns out, this part of Bush's war dream has turned into a nightmare. Iraq oil will probably never flow to the United States in any amount capable of justifying the carnage..even if there were such a thing.

Oil won't Flow

After the propaganda for the war turned out to be lies...not just false...Lies!...The reason morphed into removing an evil dictator. Damned sure was, that Saddam, but guess what? There's worse things! (Daddy knew that.)

Under Saddam, the streets were safe. Women had more freedoms in Iraq than in nearly any other Arab country. They wore skirts, walked around in public with their faces uncovered, and for the most part, could marry whomever they chose. With Saddam gone, the race is on to see whether iraq becomes an oppressive Shi'ite theocracy or an oppressive Kurd theocracy...or both, which looks likely.

George W. also strutted around with his package all puffed up saying things like, "Saddam tried to kill my Daddy." Never mentions the little fact that Daddy tried to kill Sadam first, eh?

Never mentions that Saddam tried to smuggle in a couple of hit men to cleanly take out Daddy while Daddy dropped a bunker buster on top of an underground shelter killing over 400 mostly women and children. Conservatives think those children deserved to die, though...Probably would have grown up to be Muslims or something, right Mr. Ashcroft?

Well the war we are fighting for who the hell knows what is going along just peachy!

Soon, we will celebrate the death of the 2000th American warrior in iraq. At least we can feel good about their deaths being for a good cause...Can't we?

Must be my Oldtimers disease acting up, though...I've blocked on exactly why those Americans died...

Tell me again, George....2000 dead....why?

The bumper sticker says...


It would be funny if it weren't so damned sad.



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