Monday, October 24, 2005

Gun Guys Talk Back

Agree or not, it does make for interesting reading. Here's a comment posted to the Gun Guys:

"So could i sue Chevrolet for a drunk driver hitting me? Or maybe sue McDonalds for thier cheese burgers making me fat? How about Phillip Morris for thier cigarettes giving me cancer? How about Rock Star games for making “the children” more violent? Or Capitol records for making violent song lyrics. I could go on for hours but i think you get the picture…"

-gunn men

And he answers:

"What if Chevrolet made a car built and designed to hit pedestrians? Or McDonalds made a burger that was injected with so much fat, it was meant to cause heart attacks? Or Phillip Morris loaded up their cigarettes with so much junk they cause cancer (oh wait, they do, and they are facing class action lawsuits for it).

The gun industry manufactures things that are SPECIFICALLY meant to kill. They sell pain, plain and simple. And yes, if your product is meant to cause pain, you should be in a courtroom, facing a judge and the victims of your products. That’s the difference, and that’s why this law is so wrong."

-Gun Guys

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