Monday, October 17, 2005

A Man Outstanding In His Field

I had put together a nice long post while sitting at a favorite hangout of mine in Clayton, Georgia. Grapes and Beans is one of those places you can just go, whether you have a reason or not. I rarely look at the menu. When I'm there for lunch I just order the special, get my drink, and sit down. Usually I wouldn't know what it was anyway...It's almost always tasty and novel. This time it was called "Pie", but it was the first time in my life I had ever had pie with artichokes in it. Like I said, "Tasty!"

"G and B" is a wine store deli that sells Crocs. Crocs are those Birkenstock style sandals made of plastic foam that I wish I had thought of myself. I have three pairs of them around the house, though I have never worn a pair out, and somehow I wind up collecting a new color or whatever...Best dog feeding slippers going.

I lost the post I had worked on for a half hour... "Computer ate my homework!"

I know better than to do it the way I did, but I did, and it got me. Great piece! Sorry you missed it.

I do remember sitting at the Bean, staring at the carefully selected stock of vintages along the wall, and wondering if a 1985 Noble Reserve was worth that much money? In some ways. life was so much simpler when I was happy with a "jug" of wine and didn't even know there was such a thing as a "vintage." It is the same old cautionary tale told in the "Garden of Eden" myth... Naked and stupid is not a bad way to hang out in Paradise. I've tried it a few times but it never lasted. Got a taste for good Merlot and there's no going back.

Here's a shot of Grapes and Beans. Stop in when you can...The link is listed over on the right under "Official coffee houses od WhitesCreek Journal:

One of the major religious holidays in East Tennessee seems to be Holloween. Here's one of the early warning signs:



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  1. Grapes and Beans sounds like a neat place--And the halloween decorations are being to pop up here in MI too.