Saturday, October 22, 2005

Peace Takes Courage!

2K Why?

Iraq war dead is officially at 1993 as I type this. Our 2000th American military death may have already occurred but will certainly be announced in the next day or so, and no one can give us the real reason why.

Friends, This war is a sordid stain upon the honor of our country.

There is no scenario I have heard of that results in a good outcome. It is simply a matter of which particular group will run the new totalitarian government that will eventually emerge from the slow burn civil war that is killing our children and friends in Iraq.

With no clear plan except to stay this disasterous course, I say it is past time to cut our losses and come home. If we do stay, we must know the true reason Two thousand are dead and more must die!

Now let me ask you this...What are you going to do about it?

Let me know your ideas by email and comment.

Tell all America that it is time...

To join the campaign!

Peace takes Courage, Folks!



  1. I don't have a clue what to do...except keep yapping about it like I have been. I feel like our voices are not being heard and they will do as they please regardless of what we want. And most of us want it over. Now.

  2. Yap away, Poopie! It takes a while for these things to fester and pop open, but the dead end course the Bushistas have us on is more and more apparent to more and more people.

    Since Faux News won't pass on the information, it's up to us!