Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Well...I have a quandary on my hands.

You guys probably remember the bomb scare at the school a week or so back. It was concocted by two students to get out of end of period tests and was quite the adventure. It blew out the entire day's classes. Several teachers told the students that tests would probably be rescheduled by one day...one teacher didn't do that. When the students walked into class expecting the review day they had missed because of the bomb scare, they were handed the test instead.

I know that a case can be made that the kids should have been prepared but ask yourself if you would have been? These are sixteen year olds we're talking about. "Cramming" is the way of life. About Half the class seems to have tanked. The student in our home dropped two letter grades from his excellent midterm reports, and he's bummed.

The teacher in question has a history. He is old, sick, and heavily medicated. He has been known to fall asleep in class. The students try not to get noticed because he can get irrational and scream at them. "Flying under the radar" is the term the kids use for surviving his class.

When we discussed the situation with our son, we mentioned going to talk with the teacher as an option, since his grade in this class is very important to his options in the future... he was against us meeting with the teacher. As we continued the discussion with the comment that this man shouldn't be teaching, our son said...

"It's not worth an old man losing his job."

So now what do we do? With all the stress we put on academics and physical fitness, the greater concepts have always been the just treatment of others and compassion, and there it was, back in our faces. End of discussion...

I am stumped now, not having a clear step to take next, but one thing is certain...It is a proud Papa that will be helping with the homework.




And now for some politics:

Keith Olbernmann has my respect. He makes a very strong case for the notion that when George Bush has bad publicity hit the fan, we have a terror alert. Forget about Dick Cheney being investigated for treason and perjury!...There might be a bomb on the New York subway!

This is the very last paragraph in a piece I hope you read:

"But, if merely a reasonable case can be made that any of these juxtapositions of events are more than just coincidences, it underscores the need for questions to be asked in this country - questions about what is prudence, and what is fear-mongering; questions about which is the threat of death by terror, and which is the terror of threat."


This little time waster is way too much fun!
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  1. Thanks for the Terror alert story. I have often wondered if the terror alert system had ever been abused in this manner. So, If the terror alter system is so important why have the major networks,(CNN,Fox,ABC) dropped this piece of information off of the front page of their websites? Is it no longer valid? Used to be right there in bold on their front pages.

  2. Yeah, no one claims that the parenting thing is easy -but there's no greater feeling than that warm tingling when you witness (either directly or indirectly) that despite all your failings as a parent, you've managed to raise a pretty terrific human being. You've a right to be proud - as for your dilemma - you and Mrs. Whitescreek on on your own ;)

  3. So are you calling this teacher an ideal gas?