Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bullies Squall the Loudest!

So my much beloved Tennessee Senator, Bill Frist is all upset with Harry Reid for wanting the same classified information that the Republicans have. Frist doesn't like it when people want him to play fair

...Not the Frist family way, you understand

...just vote like we tell you and shut up. Sure, we're destroying the country, but we're getting rich, rich, rich! That makes it ok, right?

Billy is just a little stressed out what with being caught lying, and investigated for stock violations, and his buddies, Tom and Scooter, being indicted, and the Republican party going down in flames, with the Prez hovering at a 40% approval in this reddest of states.

Billy was all upset and claimed he had been slapped in the face, figuratively speaking, just because he was stone walling a little investigation into Whitehouse treason...Not like it's anything serious. Providing false info to Congress is only an impeachable offense. Not anything like having sex.

Don't be fooled by the dark glasses, anyway...he can see right through them into blind trusts and secret financial shenanigans. Cheney has pair, too! I'm sure you noticed that Halliburton stock bopped right on by Cheney's stock option prices, making the toad in the vice presidential office even more millions that he will never live to spend.

Go Charlie, Go!

The Scribble

Personally, when I find everything to be so incredibly screwed up that I can't make sense of it, I like to read a bible. Try this little test to see how mush you really know...and be sure to check your answers!

Bible lesson for today:

Bible Study

Sorry about all that blood and lice and study ain't for the delicate!



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