Friday, November 18, 2005

How can 19% of Americans be so Dumb?

Ah! Life in the woods!

I have limited contact with the outside world here, but too much gets through for me to remain ignorant.

I had a friend cut off our discussion with the comment, "You don't understand! You need to listen to Rush Limbaugh more and you'd understand!"

Why don't you google "Rush Lie" if you have a few days to waste. Then you'll understand why I cracked up laughing.

There's no help for the helpless.


Vice President Richard B. Cheney amazes me. he just effectively called the majority of Americans, "Traitors."

You disagree with him? You're a traitor.

81% of all Americans do!

With that said, let me remind you folks of the obvious. All of the indictments in the Traitor gate scandal, the outing of a covert CIA perative Valerie Plame, have so far been inside Dick Cheney's staff. Dick Cheney is often mentioned as a possible indictee. Cheney was the main person pushing for the CIA intelligence report to leave out all evidence contradicting his rationalle for the Iraq war. No caveats, nothing, made the report. There were plenty!...Including the fact that the one person, who claimed Saddam had reconstituted his nuclear weapons program, made that claim while being tortured.

Got that? Cheney is the main advocate for torture. He had a guy tortured to give the evidence he wanted. It wasn't true!

You are a traitor if you question Dick Cheney...Even when he's lying.

Here's a little list of Cheneyisms:

Cheney Fact Check

How dare someone who personally fought in two wars, is much decorated, and a conservative (albeit a Democrat), publicly contradict dick Cheney and George Bush!

As always, one of my favorite tooners, Charles Pugsley Fincher, has beaten me to it. (I'm going to have to stay up later at night.)

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