Tuesday, November 15, 2005


From the Knox News:

"No one had ever seen a smoky madtom - scientific name Noturus baileyi - until 1957, when biologists treated Abrams Creek in the Smokies with a commonly used poison called rotenone to reduce the rough fish population and improve trout fishing.

Among the scores of fish killed was a miniature catfish, complete with tiny whiskers. The scenario was classic good news-bad news: the good news being the discovery of a new species, the bad news being that it was already dead."

It wasn't already dead, actually...They had just killed it!

But our guys saved the day...

A subscription is required but here ya go:


Abrams Creek is a treasure. Check out what the guys at Conservation Fisheries are doing to save your world...and maybe click on the "contribute" button while you're there.

Mad Tom



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