Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Bush was never Elected president.

As we learn more aboutthe Ohio election, we can see that this is the plain truth.

When a recount of ALL the votes cast in Florida in 2000 was completed, Al Gore had won. This does not take into account the obvious manipulations of voter eligibility roles that prevented tens of thousands of rightfully eligible black voters from being allowed, the famous butterfly ballot that took 3000 votes away from Gore, or several other suspicious incidents, all of which manipulated the vote talley in one direction only...For George W. Bush.

As a result of an incorrect talley in Florida, Bush won the election. the most outrageous occurrence of all was the Supreme Court decision by 5-4 vote that said, in essence, that it would be unfair to actually recount the Florida votes.

The Supreme Court stopped us from finding out who Florida voters actually voted for and installed Bush as President.

Now we have the Government Accounting Office report that essentially says the Ohio vote was manipulated in 2004. As a part of the report, there are sworn statements claiming that votes were altered in favor of Bush. There were over 57,000 complaintsof incorrect vote talleys and nearly 100% of those detected went in one direction only...For George Bush!

"...It therefore was no big task for a single programmer to flip vote numbers to give Bush the 118,775 votes."

"These findings are even more damning when we understand the election in Ohio was run by a secretary of state who also was co-chairman of Bush’s Ohio campaign."

With several Ohio elected and appointed officials currently indicted or under investigation, it does appear that a little thing like the Law is not much of a deterrent. Millions of dollars have been stolen and a portion of the stolen money was given to the Bush reelection campaign.

It appears that America had better sense than to elect George bush either time!

Now what?

With last night's results handing Bush and company resounding defeats, in spite of their really nasty campaign tactics and huge amounts of money from corporate donors, it appears that enough people wil step forward and cleanse the Whitehouse and Congress. how much damage will be done in the meantime?

Here's the story from the GAO:

GAO Report



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