Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Here's the artcle in the Oak Ridge School newspaper that caused the confiscation. I'm going to make sure my sons read it.

By the way...It seems about as fair and balanced as an article can get, makes no moral judgements, and does not advocate anything other than providing information. Sure it's a bit delicate, but I'll bet nearly every kid in the school needs to know the info, and I'll also bet that danged few parents haved told their own children this stuff.

Just so you'll know: I've covered most of it with my two boys. I must admit that I learned a thing or two, though, about just how lucky I was when I was their age.


The Oak Leaf


  1. i read today there is a Sex Ed class at the school, but that students found it to be somewhat lacking.

    Well thought out, reasearched article, yes it is.

    Perhaps the OR staffers should be proud of the levels of intelligence some students have reached.

  2. Good information. I didn't know the failure rates for all those methods were so high. It made me cringe.

    Thanks for sharing the actual article. If anything, school officials should be ashamed that they don't give this information out themselves.

    And I'm glad this censorship issue became national news (It's out on the AP, as well)

    Bring on the ACLU. These kids need some positive, responsible role models.

  3. Anonymous8:07 PM

    The principal and faculty met after school today. Ervin read comments passionately mispronouncing several words on the way. Grooms, the faculty sponsor, rose and asked Ervin if she might speak. She was allowed to do so explaining that it was important for students to have a forum where they could exercise creative thinking on issues that were important to them. She indicated that she did not always agree with their opinions but defended their right to offer them.

    Grooms is an Oak Ridger. She graduated from ORHS and was a member of the Oak Leaf staff.

    When she finished she received an enthusiastic applause from the faculty. Ervin did not.

    Board members are being called and filled in on the conflicts that have occurred this year and the low morale of the faculty.

    The Insider