Thursday, February 02, 2006


My head is spinning into an alternate reality. I have gone from living in a rational world to one that is upside down and crazy.

President Bush wants America to fight its addiction to oil, help the environment, be nice to each other, and work together to face the most evil entity mankind has ever encountered...

Human-Animal hybrids!

At the same time that President Bush was chastizing America for an addiction to oil, his own energy policies are bankrupting the country. Bankrupt is not too strong a word, by the way. Financially our books are worse than Argentina at the time it was defaulting on its international loans.

Anyone who thinks Bush has gotten us into a quagmire in Iraq with no way out, ought to consider Bush's plan to get the country out of its massive deficits. If the world shifts away from the US dollar to something else, our currency will collapse. Want to know why we attacked Iraq? Yeah, oil, but consider this: Iraq had just announced that it was shifting away from US dollars to "Petro" dollars as its standard of currency. Iraq was the first country on this planet to try to do this and it got them wiped out. Wanna guess who the second country on this planet to announce that they were considering such a move?

Iran...Uh oh...And worse for the Iranians, Bush said he wants to be their "Friend."

Another bizarro statement by Bush in the SOTUS was his whine wanting people to be more civil...This from the leader of the Swift Boat party? Whose operatives called John Murtha a coward?

The biggest joke of the evening was the incredible number of times the words Freedom and Terror were used in a strange goulash of appeasement and fright. Freedom, as Cindy Sheehan was being arrested for...

a Dress code violation?

Terror? Frankly I am not afraid of Al Queda. That organization has only managed to kill less than 3000 Americans in the last five years. An organization that I am afraid of?

...The American Medical system, which has managed to kill 750,000 people through medical mistakes since those planes brought down the World Trade Towers five years ago.

Let's see...I get it. If we worry about something totally irrational, we won't have to think about a real problem facing us every single day of our lives, medical care. Thankyou Senator Frist, I feel so much better now.

And what legal issue was on the front page yesterday? Something America should be paying close attention to? Well, no. the only legal issue to make the front page was a Greyhound bus driver who was using his "Big Dog" to deliver cocaine. Amusing, sure, but what about this bit of real news? Guess who said this:

"In an abundance of caution," he writes, "we advise you that we have learned that not all email of the Office of the Vice President and the Executive Office of the President for certain time periods in 2003 was preserved through the normal archiving process on the White House computer system."

(Erased the tapes, did we? didn't Richard Nixon go down for exactly this same thing?)

That was a written statement from Patrick Fitzgerald, Special Prosecutor in the Valery Plame case. That, my friends, is what is called "Obstruction of Justice" and will ultimately bring the Bush Administration down. How much damage they do in the meantime is anybody's guess.

But down they'll go. Their ship is sinking before our very eyes if we know where to look. Did you know that Grover Norquist said that George Bush broke the law in the NSA wiretap case? Grover is being linked more and more to Abramoff, and will most likely face charges himself.

So, here we go! As they turn on each other, it will be fun to watch in our own Bizarro way.



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  1. OH's great sport to watch them turn on each other while the ship sinks.